Wednesday, April 14, 2021

Works in Progress

When I busily work on projects, I tend to be very quiet and introverted.  I often forget to post a blog to say something about what I'm working on.  I'll try to be more outspoken, promise.  :-)  

I'm happy to say that there is some progress on the potholder project, I made a few more EPP pieces from scraps.

These EPP pieces are so much fun.  I fussy cut the snow bears fabric.  They are so adorable.


I also picked out some fabric for the Hands2Help project. 



I just love cute prints of soft flannel.  It is my favorite material for baby blankets.  Aren't they cozy and lovable?

Last year, through the Hands2Help project, I made a baby quilt for The Little Lambs Foundation for Kids.  Among other things, they work with law enforcement to provide comfort kits for children in distress situations.  I would like to do the same this year.

Thanks for stopping by and have a great day.


Friday, April 2, 2021

April OMG

 Hi Everyone,

It's time to set a goal for April.  This month I'll make a baby quilt for the Project Hands2Help 2021.  I talked about it here.  

I'll make a Faux Rag quilt using a technique found in this book.  I haven't decided yet it's going to be a girl or boy version, or may be both?   I'll keep you all posted as the project progresses.


For the Potholder project, I think I'll make some of them in Christmas theme.  I have a very cute Snow Bear print that I can use.  


April is going be a fun month, I'm looking forward to working on these projects and some other things that I've engaged in.

Thanks for stopping by.

Have a great weekend.

Monday, March 29, 2021

Fun Projects for Fundraising

Hi Everyone,


Everyday I try to find some projects to do.  Not that I don't have any WIP,  but sometimes things didn't work out the way I plan and I have to move on. 

I was trying to work on a new project based on an logo I saw on a Podcast on Youtube.  It was a very interesting design and I wanted to challenge myself to make it with a raw edge applique.  I wrote the owner of the website to  ask for permission but didn't hear anything back.  After 4 weeks, I decided to move on.

Have you heard of the Textile Talk that was put on by the IQM (International Quilt Museum), the MQG, SAQA...etc?  I have participated in for sometimes now.  They featured different artists and guests.  I love to hear what other artists have to say.  Some topics were very interesting and fascinating.   I just learned about this Project Potholder from the IQM website.  I think it would be fun to participate and help out with the fundraising.  It's been hard for many organizations and small businesses alike in the past year up to now.  And do I have supplies for potholders?  As you might remember, I made quite a few potholders for myself and gifts last December.   I think this is a perfect project for scraps.  If you're interested, check out their website for the guidelines and join in the fun.

I'm working on 2 projects behind the scene.  One is for the MQG Journal and the other one is for the Simply Moderne magazine. They both will be on toward the end of the year.  I'm sorry I can't show you anything until then. :-(


Spring is in the air and in my garden.  Every year I'm greeted by these beauties.


The reason there is greeting words of 'Happy Saturday' in the Freesia picture because I sent it my LINE friends group in Thailand.  In Thailand, e
veryday has a color associating to it and purple is for Saturday.  Every morning my friends will send these greetings to our group.  I put some of the images in a layout for you.  You can guess what color goes with which day.

I'm so grateful for friends.  Every morning I receive such greetings from them.

Have a great week and thanks for stopping by.


Friday, March 19, 2021

Hands2Help 2021

 Hi Everyone,



Just a quick note to tell you all that there is excitement going on at the Confessions of a Fabric Addict.  It's time to sign up for the Hands2Help comfort quilt challenge for this year.  It's a great way to reach out and help support our community.  I joined in for the first time last year and I'm really glad I did.


Have a great week!


Friday, March 12, 2021

March OMG finish and a new project fabric pull

 Hi everyone,

I’m happy to report that my March OMG is finished. Here’s a picture. 


It was not as troublesome as I thought it would be. All the four-patch blocks were put together before I got them.  I was worried that the blocks that various people put together would be hard to handle because each person sews differently.  I took a deep, breath and randomly took one block, matched it with another block and sewed.  I continued until I got 4 panels.  I sewed all the panels together, and voila, I got a quilt top that measured 48" x 55".  It will be delivered to the person in charge next week.  I'm happy!!

Edited to add on 3/26/21: I didn't realize I forgot to linkup to the goal setting at the beginning of the month.  I had the blog for it but somehow I didn't link it to the site !?!?   I couldn't find it in the goal setting linkup at Patty's site that when I knew.  Anyhow, it isn't the prize I'm after but the feeling of accomplishing my goal.  


Now it's time to pull out some fabric for the next project.  I want to add some more yellow and dark grey but this is what I got so far.


I would like to try raw edge applique.   I think I'll start next week.

Thanks for stopping by and Happy creating everyone.

Tuesday, March 2, 2021

March OMG

 It's time to set a goal for March.  I still can't believe it's March already.  For this month I will work on the charity quilt top for the Valley MQG.  I got this material a few months ago but got busy doing other things and forgot about it.  Now it's time to put all pieces together.  Here's what I got in the bag.


The goal for March is to put this quilt top together.  Go to The Elm Street Quilts for the OMG March Link-up to see what's going on.

Thanks for stopping by.  Have a great day!!

Monday, March 1, 2021

Where has February gone?

There were so many things going on in February for me that it took me several days to absorb them all in.  By the time I came back to present reality, the month was gone.


It started with QuiltCon....  

I enjoyed QuiltCon Together 2021 so much, more than I thought because of the online thing.  I really liked being able to go to the show anytime I wanted to even at odd hours.  When my friend and I went to the QuiltCon in Nashville a few years ago, I collapsed in bed by the end of the day.  My legs were so tired from walking, trying to see as many of the quilts and vendors as possible.  Then we had to go out to eat; more walking hence more sore legs.  This time was different, I went in the show everyday.  I got to look and admire all the quilts as often as I liked.  The vendor hall had different feeling though; I liked it better to be able to touch and feel the fabric and all the gadgets.  It's more fun to see fun tools in person, I think.

Then came another show; The Mid Atlantic Quilt Festival.  I had 3 quilts in this show.  When I was watching the Award Ceremony, I got the biggest surprise in my quilting life.  One of my quilts got the second prize in the Mid-Century Modern category.  I was blown away and didn't expect that at all.  This quilt is a house warming gift for my dear friend's new home.  Here's the picture of the quilt.


There is more good news regarding publications in two magazines that I'm not able to share yet until things are settled and confirmed. 


Imagine that all of these things happened in the same short month of February!  I'm overflowed with joy and gratefulness.

Now it's time decide whether to pull out some fabric for a new project or look at the to-do list.  !?!  

Well, that's another post.  See you next time.....

Have a great week!!



Friday, February 12, 2021

Love Tote Bag Finished

 Hi Everyone,

I finally finished the Love tote bag.  Here it is with front and back shots.



I also put 2 pockets in for some accessories.


It was a lot of fun making this tote bag.  There are a few firsts with this project; 

- First time using Pellon SF101 interfacing for bag.

- First time making French seam so that no raw edge is showing       because this bag doesn't have a lining. 

- First time using 1" bias tape for lettering.

I have to admit that when I first started making this bag, I only had general ideas about size and how I wanted it to look.  Along with everything else, I had to make things up as I went along.  I didn't plan to use the French seam and didn't allow extra fabric for that.  Plus a mistake in measuring, the bag is 2" narrower than what I wanted.

I like using Pellon SF101, it does make the bag looks nice.  For the back, I thought sewing the pockets to the bag would be enough to secure the interfacing to the fabric.  Then I saw all this extra space and was afraid that the interfacing would come loose through usage,  so I put extra "quilting" on it.  The design was unplanned and I really like the way it turned out.  I can see more potential for this design in other projects.

Now that the bag is done and I have better idea how to make it, I will start writing instructions for it.  Let me know what you think.


Bag info:

Size:            15" x 18"

Fabric:        Cotton (I used painter drop cloth, wash it before cutting.)

Interfacing: Pellon SF101


Thank for stopping by.  Have a great day.

 Now go to The Elmstreet Quilts to check out the Feb. finish link up.



Saturday, February 6, 2021

February WIP

This is on my design wall this week.  It's my love tote bag for Valentine's day celebration.  After seeing the Getty Image of the Pantone colors of the year, I picked Kona Steele and Corn Yellow.  I know these colors are not really close to the ones in the picture but I think they will look better on the bag. 



I've been playing with 1" bias tape and came up with this composition. 

A friend of mine saw that and said it reminded her of a sculpture in Paris of the same design.  So I started looking for it to see how it looked, and I found this famous LOVE sculpture by Robert Indiana at Galerie Laurent Strouk in Paris.

More love to spread around.....

The work continues.  Next post, I hope to have the whole bag finished.

Have a fantastic weekend.

Today I link up to  Whoop Whoop Fridays, Off the Wall Fridays and TGIFF!

Monday, February 1, 2021

OMG for February

 Hi Everyone,

I have a fun project for this month to celebrate the Valentine's Day.  I'm making a LOVE tote bag.  We never can have too many bags, right?  The first idea came to mind that I would use typical love colors but then I thought it would be fun to make in the Pantone colors of the year, LOVE, instead. 


The bag in this picture is just a sample.  I'm making a new bag with bottom and will use 1" bias tapes for this project.  This will be my OMG for February.

After I finish the bag, I will post a tutorial for everyone.  Thanks to all who went to my last bag tutorial blog here.  It's been a few years but you made it my most popular blog ever; almost 6,800 views to date.


Have a great week!!

Monday, January 25, 2021

Count My Blessings and Star Bright Quilt Update

Five years ago today, I had a life changing event.  I had brain surgery to fix my ruptured aneurysm.  It truly is a humble experience.  I've learned not only that life in itself is a great blessing but getting a second chance is beyond measure.  Every new day is icing on the cake.  I wake up everyday with gratitude that I'm still here with my family and still able to do things that I love.  Life is precious, don't throw it away.  Every day is a gift, use it to do something good for someone.

I continue to sew almost everyday.  Some days are better than the others.  Some days I feel like I can conquer the world, other days not so much; just glad that I can get out of bed.  And that's ok.  Life is filled with ups and downs.  If you're down, just pick yourself up and go on.  The truth is sometimes I forget what I just wrote so I have to remind myself.

I'm happy to report that the Star Bright quilt repair is done.  I appreciate the many great comments and suggestions.  Things went smoothly, better than expected.  I did top stitch on all the diagonal seams, on top of the vertical and horizontal seams which are the old quilting lines.  After the quilt came out of the dryer, I can't tell the difference as in the pictures below.  My apologies for the colors in the photo which are not consistent.  I used different editing programs.



I used Aurifil color 2311 (50/2) for quilting.  For piecing I used a thread that I got from a local quilt show.  I don't remember the brand but this photo of the label underneath the cone is all the info I have.  The thread is Prime Piecing 70/2 which is very thin.  I like to piece with this thread because the seams lay very flat.  I usually use the default setting 2.5 stitch length.   I think this might contribute to the reason why the thread broke.  I don't think I'll use this thread for piecing any more.

Now compare the picture from 2017 and 2021.



I still have little bit of batting bearded through the top as I wrote about it here.  Now the problem is not as bad as before.


Have a great quilting day.

Saturday, January 23, 2021

UFO and WIP for 2021

I organized my stash last week and found some UFO that I totally forgot about along with the quilt tops that I made last year.   I should put them on a list to remind myself to work on them this year.   Here's the UFO list and pictures with corresponding numbers. 

  1. Starbright quilt repair------------------Jan. 
  2. Windmill quilt (basting&quilting)--------------Feb.??
  3.  Journey 2 (basting&quilting)--------------------May
  4. Time to Sew (quilting)----------------------------??
  5. Candy Box quilt (basting&quilting)------------April



Then I made a list of new projects I want to do this year.  Some are  WIP, while the others are just ideas.

  1. Love tote bag (WIP)--------------------Feb. 
  2. Autumn 21  (#2)  -----------------------March
  3. My City quilt (WIP)--------------------March
  4. Chocolate Dipped quilt (WIP)--------April
  5. Sewing room window quilt #2--------May
  6. Pantone color of the year quilt--------??
  7. Purple baby quilt (WIP)---------------June
  8. Jean Up quilt----------------------------July
  9. Hands2Help quilt-----------------------??
  10. A quilt for my niece--------------------Sept.

The months are tentatively put in to give me ideas of the time frame, but as the year goes by, I'm sure there will be some changes.


Now that I have things down in writing, I feel better and hopeful.  I learned from last year that making goals is good for me.  

Have a great quilting time.....

Friday, January 15, 2021

Gotta Fix This Quilt

In 2017, I made a quilt for my son to replace the quilt I made for him when he went to college 12 years ago.  He brought it home and asked me to do some repairs.  So many seams came apart as seen in the pictures below.


I don't remember what thread I used.  I will be very disappointed if it turns out to be one of my expensive threads.  On top of that I have to figure out how I will fix this.  If anyone has any ideas and has done this before please let me know.  I still have some time before I start working on it.

Right now I plan to requilt the whole thing with a thicker thread.  I'll do top stitch on every seam, be it ribbed or not.  I liked the 3-ply 100% cotton that I used to quilt my sister's quilt.  I think I'll use that.

Have a great quilty day.....    

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Wednesday, January 13, 2021

Face Your Fear Project Update

I had a lot of fun, more than I should, working on the Face Your Fear Project.  It's finished with a sleeve and ready to move out.  I'll put a label on it before the moving day.  This is my Jan. OMG as posted in here.


Face Your Fear - front 12.5" x 24"

Face Your Fear - back

Link up to To-do Tuesday

Sunday, January 3, 2021

January OMG


 Hello everyone,

I'm so glad that Patty Dudek is hosting One Monthly Goal again this year.  I had a great time playing along last year and I'll do the same this year.  Thank you Patty!!

It’s time to set a goal for January.  

In 2016, our ValleyMQG had a challenge called ‘Face You Fear’.  For some, fear might be curve piecing, and whatever it was, we were supposed to make a mini quilt to demonstrate our fear.  This is what I made and you can read about it here.

I’m not a fan of this creature, 😫😯😵, that’s why I made this piece.  It's been tucked away in a pile of scraps of all this time because I didn't want to see it.  I have a dear friend who absolutely loves this kind of creature and she wants to buy it from me.  For this month's OMG, I will quilt this piece and give it to her as a gift.  I just want it out of here.   😆


Happy New Year and Happy Sewing.......