Sunday, April 30, 2023

A New Quiltmagic Room and May OMG

From the beginning of the year, I've tried to be more organized so that I can have a new sewing space.    I signed up to Declutter Challenge for 2023 with Karen Brown from Just get it done quilts.  It was very motivating for me to watch her Youtube channel, but then day to day following along was too overwhelming for me.  I got discouraged so I took a break from it but the ideas Karen shared are very helpful and I started the de-cluttering; at my own pace.

The first thing I did was clearing out the closet in our spare bedroom and moved my modest fabric stash in there.  For the past few years, that room has become a dumping ground for all sort of things that we don't know what to do with them.   There were computer parts, car parts, lots of old children's toys, and books.  With the help from my DH, we cleared them all out.  After many trips to the Goodwill, he took the old carpet off.  The most beautiful feature of the room is the hardwood floor.  We cleaned up some more so that I was able to move the first sewing table in.  


DH was helping me cleanup the soon to be my new sewing space

 More cleaning. My fabric stash in the closet with Franklin watching over and making sure that we're doing it right.  Franklin is a yellow ducky; he's my son's first stuffed animal.

The first sewing table moved in.  DH snatched this picture without me knowing.

More stuff got moved in and I started to decorate the room.


The first window cover went up next.  There is so much light streaming into the room.   Can you believe that I made this window cover in July 2020?  You can read about it in this post.

My mini called 'Funky Trees'

I called this room 'Quiltmagic' room.  The name Quiltmagic is my instagram account.  There is so much light in the room that makes me so happy every time I'm in there.  I'm glad that I put the fabric in the closet, away from the sun light.  The window cover fits perfectly!!  It gives me privacy but let the light in at the same time.  Now I'm set to make another one for the other window.  Right now I just use a top that I made sometime ago, as in the picture here.



Now both sewing tables are in the room.  I put a folding table by the window for cutting and ironing.  I'm testing it to see how this will work.  In a near future, I may move a sewing table by the window to see if it will work better.   I'm in my Quiltmagic room working on new ideas a lot.  I'll say that the room is 60% done.  Off course, there are a few things that still needed to be done, like a new coat of paint for the room, a new design wall, more shelves need to be put in...etc., but they can wait.  It will take a few more months for me to settle into the room.  I want to see if the placement of tables and things is ideal for the work flow in the room.   Right now I'm just so happy that I have a place of my own to do what I love.  No more sewing in the dining room.  


'Modern Time' - Pantone Quilt Challenge 2023

I'm excited to join this year's Pantone Quilt Challenge hosted by Sarah and Elizabeth.   You can read more about the challenge in this kick-off post.

Pantone color of  2023 is Viva Magenta.  Sarah did the work to match up solid colors from different fabric manufacturers and I am working with Paintbrush Studios fabric in the color Cherry Blossom and Raspberry.


A few weeks ago I made the first block

 Then I finished the top last week. 


'Modern Time'  44.5" x 54.5"

I set a goal to finish this quilt by the deadline on May 15. Check out the OMG link here

What are you working on this week?  Whatever it maybe, I hope you're having fun making it.

Thanks for visiting.




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Tuesday, April 25, 2023

April OMG Is Finished

I finally finished the baby quilt for a friend.  You can read about it here and here.  It took longer than I thought because I had to wait for a part I ordered for my Juki.  Here it is; washed and ready to be sent to its new owner. 



Quilt Stats:

Size:    42" x 54.5"    Before quilting

            40" x 52.5"    After quilting

            38" x 51"       After washing

Top:        100% cotton

Bating:    Warm and Natural

Backing:  100% cotton Flannel

In the past few months, with the help of my DH, I've been working on a new sewing space.  I should be able to share some pictures in a week or so.  I'm beyond excited and eager to get the room done.

What's you're working on this week?

Have a great week.


Monday, April 10, 2023

The Making of 2023 Pantone Challenge

Last week, I started working on the 2023 Pantone Quilt Challenge and made this block.


The fabric color is supposed to be magenta, but it looks really red in the picture.

I'm also making progress on the baby quilt last week.  I made the pieced back for it with the baby's initial.   Here it is on my design wall.

Now I'm all set to baste the quilt together and start the quilting.

What are you working on this week?

Happy sewing!!


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Sunday, April 2, 2023

Pantone Challenge 2023 and OMG for April

I'm not quite sure what happened in March.  I was all set to join in the OMG, setting a goal for March to finish the baby quilt for a friend.  First, I forgot to link to the goal setting link-up for March.  Then life happened and we got so busy, I didn't accomplish my goal.  Anyway, here we are in April.  My OMG for April is to finish this baby quilt. 


This week, I also pulled out some fabric for the Pantone challenge and here they are.


The Pantone color fabrics are Raspberry and Cherry Blossom from Painters Palette.  I'm still thinking about the design, not sure yet what it will be.  I also have a few Grunge fabrics in there because I love them.  Again, this is not the final selection.  I may add or pull out something later on.  We shall see.

Hopefully, I'll get things together better this month than last and accomplish something. 

Thanks for stopping by and have a great weekend.