Thursday, April 4, 2019

New blocks and new quilt layout ideas

Last week I made a new block for the PBS Fabrics challenge which I really like.  This week, I've been playing with new quilt layout ideas and want to show some of them to you today.

At first I wanted to use these colors in the block for the challenge.

But then I realized that's not what I had in my drawing book, but I like the colors here.  I took a picture of it and then used the app. called Layout from Instagram; it's free from the App Store.  I got this quilt layout.
Layout #1
I really like the colors and I think it will make a really nice quilt.

To be true to my design, I changed the block to look like this.

I do like the colors in this block too.  The peach and green pair really nicely.  After I used the Layout app to put the block together, I got 2 quilt layouts as follows.
Layout #2
And this.

Layout #3

I do like both of them, but in the layout #2, there is a small problem with the green and peach piece in the circle.  To make this into a quilt, I have to modify a few things.  Layout #3 is the original idea that I had when I designed the block.  

For fun, can you tell me which layout you like and want to see made into a quilt?  I'll put a free tutorial on the one that gets the most votes.

Have a great quilty day!!

Link to: Finished or not Friday