Thursday, November 2, 2017

Mini bag

The blog today will be very short.  Just wanted to show off the new bag that I made for our challenge at Valley MQG.  We had an up-cycle, re-use and re-purpose challenge in Oct.  I got a half of a shirt to make something.  If you know me, you will know that I love bags, any shape and form of bags.  I set out to make a bag that I can take my hand-sew works with me or a bag that I can put small items into when I travel.   I made a bag with half fabric and half clear plastic so that I can peek at the contents inside. 

This bag is roughly 12" wide x10" high.  Here are the pictures of the finished bag on both sides.

Have a great sewing week.

Link to sewfreshquilt, busyhandsquilts, crazymomquilts and confessionofafabricaddict.


  1. Excellent! Really makes me think of how I can use some shirts I’ve tucked away! I’d better think fast! I only have a few more days to sew!


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