Sunday, August 30, 2015

Welcome to the Fabri-Quilt New Block Blog Hop 2015

About three months ago I participated in an awesome blog hop called '2015 New Blogger Blog Hop'.  It was an amazing experience.  I got to know so many cool bloggers and learned tons of new skills about social media.  After our blog hop was over, the amazing hosts planned a new hop for us. This time it's called, 'Fabri-Quilt New Block Blog Hop 2015'. The new hop starts Monday, August 31st, through Thursday, September 3rd. There will be lots of new block designs and tutorials. You don't want to miss out!   Oh, did I forget to mention about exciting giveaways?  There will be a total of 8 bundles containing 1/2 yard cuts of the 6 featured fabrics given away on the hosts' blogs and the Inspired by Fabric blog.  

As part of the hop, each participant received a bundle of fat 8 fabric from Fabri-Quilt and designed a 12 1/2-inch block with at least 3 of the colors.  We have over 60 participants in this hop.  Be sure to check in at each of the hosts' blog posts each day for the whole list of blog participants.  At the end of the hop, all of the quilt blocks featured are going to be assembled into three quilts for charity.   And that's the most awesome thing.  

The color scheme is called Watermelon Summer.  There are Chartreuse, Turquoise, Coral, Aqua, Lapis Blue, and White.

With that, I came up with a block that represented one of my cherished childhood memories.  Kite flying is a very famous sport in Thailand, and it has been part of Thai life for over 700 years.  But I didn't care about that when I was young, I just loved seeing my kite in the sky.  Summer vacation in Thailand is in February and March and that's when the wind is perfect for kite flying.  I remember my mom would take me to Sanam Luang in front of the Grand Palace, to see people fly kites.  Sanam Luang is the name for the Royal Playground which is used for Royal ceremonies and it's open year round for everyone to enjoy.  There are trees all around and a huge green grass lawn in the middle.  My mom would buy me a snake kite and I had a great time flying it in the air.  I love that memory so much that when I took my daughter back to visit my family in 2005, I took her there.  We both got our kites; a beautiful blue bird kite for her and a big snake kite for me, of course.  Our kites soared so high up in the sky, and we had such a grand time that day.  And here are pictures of her with her kites.  She was about 12 years old at the time.  In the foreground you'll see some beautiful kites that were being sold by vendors.  The kites still look the same as when I was young.  I'm glad some things haven't changed.

If you're interested in the history of Kite Flying in Thailand, go check out some of these links below.  They are quite interesting reads.

Kite History of Thailand at http://www.dancingfrog.net/thailand2002/spaulding.html
Kite Flying - Thailand for Visitors at  http://thailandforvisitors.com/general/kites.html
11th Thailand Int. Kite Festival in 2004 on https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NmwnvoOe9vU
Kite Flying in Thailand at http://www.thailandbreeze.com/kite-flying-in-thailand-1.html

Now about the Fabri-Quilt New Block Blog Hop.

In my design, I have a few applique shapes, backed with wonder under, on top of the background fabric.  I can see this design as a block, a mini quilt or a whole quilt.  For the whole quilt, enlarge the pattern as you see fit.  When I design a quilt, I like to use pattern paper.  There are 1-inch marks on the paper that help me in my design process.  I buy this paper in a roll from a sewing supply store in my area.  Here is the drawing of the block design.

1 bundle of Watermelon Summer
8x10 inch of wonder under 


Cut 1 (13 x 9) inch piece from Aqua
Cut 1 (13 x 4 1/2) inch piece from Turquoise
Cut 1 (3 1/2 x 4) inch for kite shape from Coral and wonder under
Cut 1 (3 x 3 3/4) inch for kite shape from Chartreuse and wonder under
Cut 1 (4 x 7) inch for cloud shape from white and wonder under
Cut 1 (3 x 2 1/2) inch for birds from Lapis Blue and wonder under

Putting it together: 
1. Sew the background fabric with right side together along the 13 inch side, using 1/4 inch seam allowance.  Press the seam to the darker side.
2. Following the instructions from the package of wonder under and apply to the wrong side of Chartreuse, Coral, White and Lapis Blue pieces.
3. Trace the kite, cloud and bird shapes onto the paper back.  Make sure you trace the cloud shape in reverse.
4. Cut the shapes out and peal off the paper backing.
5. Position the shapes according to the block design and use dry iron to paste them on to the background.  Be careful not to position the shapes too close to the edge.  Leave about an inch between the edge and the applique shapes.

6. When you're ready to do the quilting, with black thread, sew around all the shapes and the details on the kites.  To accentuate the details, sew each line 3-4 times.  Quilt the background as you desire.
7. Trim the block to 12 1/2 inch square.

Here is the picture of the finished block. 

Here is the template. 

1 square = 1/4 inch

I also have the template as a PDF, so you can print it as you wish.

Now let's go visit each link below to see all the new block designs and tutorials. 

Monday, August 31st

Host – Yvonne Fuchs @Quilting Jetgirl
Kelly @Quilting it Out
Martha @Once a Wingnut
Irene @Patchwork and Pastry
Cassandra @The (not so) Dramatic Life
Andrea @The Sewing Fools
Bernie @Needle and Foot
Silvia @A Stranger View
Wanda @Wanda’s Life Sampler
Sandra @Musings of a Menopausal Melon
Vicki @Orchid Owl Quilts
Jess @Quilty Habit
Diana @Red Delicious Life
Chelsea @Patch the Giraffe
Renee @Quilts of a Feather
Margo @Shadow Lane quilts and crafts  (me)

Don't forget to go to each host for other links to see more new block designs and participate in great giveaways.
Tuesday, September 1st
Host - Cheryl Brickey @Meadow Mist Designs
Wednesday, September 2nd
Host -
Stephanie Palmer @Late Night Quilter
Thursday, September 3rd
Host -
Terri Ann Swallow @Childlike Fascination

Have a blessed week and happy sewing everyone.

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Vacation is over

I have a confession to make, I haven't been sewing much in the past 2-3 weeks, hence no new blog posting.  It has been very hot here in California and my sewing room doesn't have an air conditioner.  I would rather go somewhere else like Farmer Markets, the beach, antique stores, or rather do something else like swimming...etc.   Plus my husband was done with his contract and had some time off, so we took quite a few day trips.

Now that the summer vacation is over and I feel fresh and recharged, I got right back to work.  It's still hot during the day, but I think my machine is missing me.  The first UFO I tackled was a double wedding ring quilt that my friend started.   She pieced the top and got it ready for hand quilting but had a stroke before she could do it.   My other friend, in the picture, and I finished the hand quilting for her.  It took us 4 months.  She was touched when I showed her the quilt.  Even though she couldn't talk, I knew she was happy.   Sorry to tell you that last March, the owner of the quilt passed away unexpectedly.   I just finished binding it last night and will give it back to her daughter.  Because the quilt is quite large, I decided to try machine binding after seeing a tutorial called Susie magic binding

Next, I'm working on the Fabri-Quilt New Block Blog Hop 2015.  I'll post about it next week.  So excited.  

Now let's go sew something!

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Jet lag and now a new challenge.

I came home about 2 weeks now and I'm still trying to adjust to this time zone.  Trying to stay awake during the day by keeping myself busy with chores around the house so that I'd go to sleep at night; that's only worked in the first week.  The following week I crashed so badly that I couldn't do anything. 

Anyway, this new week is much better.  I woke up at decent hour today and am able to stay up and do some work.  Now I'm up to a new challenge because I just got a package of these fabric in the mail today.

These fabric are for a Fabri-Quilt New Block Bloghop 2015.  We have to design a 12 1/2 x 12 1/2 quilt block using those fabric above and post it with tutorial in our blog by the Aug. 31st.  Can't wait to get started!  I have some ideas in mind, mostly came from childhood memories.  Now I just have to translate them into a quilt block.  Nervous and excited at the same time.

2015 Fabri-Quilt New Block Blog Hop

It's been great fun to join in the  New Quilt Bloggers 2015.  I have met so many nice people who have the same passion.  I've learned a lot about social media and got a lot of tips and techniques on blogging.  Now applying them and using them are totally different story.  I have to tell myself, one step at a time.  Ok, I'm off to work on the block challenge.  Bye

Have a blessed week everyone!!