Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Book projects are still going on......

I'm still working on the book projects.  I'm on the last 2 big quilts.  One has almost 90 hearts in the design, the other has about 20 hexagons.  They are the 2 biggest quilts in the book.  I usually make baby size but these are almost twin size.  It's a lot of sewing, turning and then turning and sewing some more.  The heart one is almost done and then I will go on to the hexagon one.  Yeah....I'm almost done.  So sorry I can't show the picture at this time.

I'm writing the instructions as I go along.  Writing in English is very challenging to me.  I'm doing my best and a friend of mine is volunteering to help me proof reading it.  I'm really grateful for that.  I decided to send in 17 projects which is more than I had planned in the proposal.  I want to give them more options

When I took a break from quilt making, I worked on the sleeves for the quilts.  The AQS has a very specific instructions for making these sleeves.  They have to be precise because the sleeves have to fit their new hardware for hanging the quilts.  Every quilt has to have a hand-sewn sleeve onto the back of it.  I got three done so far, quite a few more to go!  :)