Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Another pin cushion

I didn't work on any quilts after finishing the two pillows.  It's the garden's turn to get my attention this week.  I've been busy in the vegetable garden and the yard.  We got rid of the water thirsty lawn a few years ago and now I got tired of looking at the bare dirt.  I put some succulents and California native plants with some rocks I got from a friend's yard.  It's an on going project and there are changes every day.  Here is the picture of it so far:

Yellow iris are very beautiful this year.  Too bad I can enjoy them only for a few weeks and then they will be gone until next year.

Yesterday I took a break from gardening to make this pin cushion for a new class at the Quilt Emporium.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

New Pillows for Quilt Emporium store

When I was trying to think of a new pillow design for a new class at the Quilt Emporium store, I saw a book called 'Home Sweet Quilt' by Jill Finley.  I adapted one of her design for this project.  Check out the book at the store, Jill has a lot of lovely design in this book.

I made another pillow using the same fabric but different technique.  This technique is called 'Faux Rag' and is published in the Quilt Life magazine.

Go to the store website at www.quiltemporium.com for the class schedule.

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

New projects for class at The Quilt Emporium

April 1, 2014

 Here are two pillows I'm working on for the new class in the second quarter of 2014.  I adapted the design from a book called  'Jill Finley's Home Sweet Quilt book'.  Check out the book, there are so many cute designs in this book. 

While I was working on the pillows, I took a break and made this pin cushion.  I love collecting milk glass and would buy them wherever I see them.  I got this piece from a thrift store while we were on the road.  Didn't know what the piece was for, but I liked the look of it.  So I cut a piece of circle of fabric twice the diameter of the opening of the milk glass piece.  Using a sewing needle with strong thread, I sew running stitches around the circle of  fabric, 1/4 inch from the edge.  Pull the thread to make a pouch.  Fill 2/3 full with crushed walnut shell and stuff the rest with polyester stuffing as much as I can push it in.  Sew the opening close completely.  with a piece of matching fabric, I make a ruffle and glue it on the cushion.  Glue the whole thing onto the milk glass and voila, I got a new pin cushion.   The milk glass is very sturdy, it won't tip over when I stick pins into the cushion.