Friday, November 25, 2022

November OMG is Finished

I'm so happy that I got these ornaments done at the beginning of the month.  This year I made 18 additional ornaments and they will be added to the 15 ornaments I made last year.  I hurried to finish these because they will be used to decorate a tree in the Los Angeles Temple Visitor Center of the Los Angeles Temple of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.  

Every year in the month of December, the Temple grounds and the Visitor Center are decorated with lights and sounds to celebrate the birth of our Savior, Jesus the Christ.  It's one of the most spectacular sights in Los Angeles.  Call (310)-474-1549 for schedule for the December 2022 Christmas Events at the Los Angeles Temple Visitor's Center.   If you're in or near Los Angeles, California, come by and visit.  I'm so honored to be part of this event.


Last year I made 15 ornaments and you can read about them here.  This is what they look like.


Here are the 2022 ornaments.


This year I decided to finish the ornaments with binding.  I just love seeing them hanging on my design wall, but I had to deliver all of them last week.  I'll show pictures of the trees once the decorations are done at the Visitor Center.


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  1. So fun and colorful! Congrats on finishing them up!

  2. WOW these are spectacular! To work with such tiny pieces - I applaud you! Thanks

  3. So pretty! Amazing that you were able to make so many. They will be gorgeous on the tree. Can't wait to see! Thanks for sharing on my weekly linkup, Wednesday Wait Loss.

  4. Your ornaments are exquisite, and I just took a peek at last year's ornaments - they are works of art! I like the binding. I look forward to seeing a photo of the decorated tree. I'm so glad you shared with us at To Do Tuesday! :)

  5. It’s nice to see what fun ornaments can be made with fabric, needles and threads. Excellent job.

  6. That's the one temple I haven't seen lighted (in the west), because I didn't visit my friend at Christmas. What a wonderful thing to be part of making these beautiful ornaments to hang on the tree. We're going to get a temple here - they finally made a decision on the land, because they changed our plan from about 10,000 ft to 30,000 ft and weren't sure at first if it would fit with parking on the slightly-less-than 5 acres. They decided it would, so we should hear more soon about the ground breaking and getting started. We've prayed for this so hard, and done our diligent duty at the Nashville temple, both as workers and attendees, and what a thrill it was to hear Knoxville's name in conference!


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