Wednesday, December 7, 2022

Are We Ready For Christmas?

We went to visit the Los Angeles Temple and its Visitor Center and got some pictures to show.  It was a night filled with sights, sounds, uplifting, inspirational and humble events.  

I was told there are 24 trees altogether in that Visitor Center.  I know I can't post all of them here.  All of the trees are so beautifully done and one can tell that the designers gave a lot of thought into decorating them.  The theme this year is Peace.  Here is my humble tree, 'Peace by Piece'.  The photo on the left is inside, and the photo on the right was taken from outside through a window.











The next tree is 'Fruit of The Spirit' tree.  This tree is really amazing! When I first saw the tree, I thought it looked great.  The books were nestled into the tree.  After I looked closer at it, I saw the pages folded to spell words and I was blown away.  It was done by a designer named Danielle Judd from the farmhouserescue.org

The next tree is 'Warm Hearts and Kind Hands' tree by Melanie Cortes and Rachael Wooden Wicks.


The picture on the right is the view of the back to show more of the beautiful quilt.


The next trees are 'Peace is Forgiving' and 'Peace is His Forgiveness' trees by Melanie.









The next trees are 'Let There Be Peace' trees by Melanie and Rachael.  The guests are invited to add a paper link to the chain which is used as a garland for the trees.



The next tree is  'Peace in Nature' tree by Maren Lowry.



I don't know about you, I am charged with the Spirit of Christmas.  Now I'm ready!! 

Thanks for visiting and have a great week




  1. You have me in the Christmas spirit now too! Beautiful trees!

  2. Oh Margo those trees - including yours - are glorious!! Those pretty blocks you made really shine. Yes I have the Christmas spirit! :) Thank you for sharing all this beautiful goodness with To Do Tuesday!


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