Sunday, February 20, 2022

Things Are Better Left Alone, Or Not!


In the last post, I was set to remake one of my quilt tops called 'Time To Sew'.  I set the goal for Feb. to make 6 new blocks, I ended up making 12  blocks with scrappy fabric from my stash.  I put them up on the wall to see how I would incorporate them into the old top.  The new blocks are on the left side of the picture below.



At first, I didn't like the look of the new blocks with the old ones at all, but I persevered.  I picked up the seam ripper, hesitantly, I completely dissembled the old quilt top.  Then randomly, one by one, I put them up again on the design wall.  


My dear husband walked by and he put the red fabric on the layout.  I asked him why, he shrugged his shoulders and walked away.  Then I thought 'why not'.  So this is what I have on the design wall right now after tweaking it here and there.


Now we're getting somewhere, I think.  The hour glass in red is a great reminder that time is precious.  We all have a finite number of days, hours and we shouldn't waste them.  I'll leave this new layout on the design wall until I'm happy with everything and will start piecing them together. I'll leave the quilt top at the same size as before, 60"x72", and will add some borders on to make it look good with some hanging on the sides for a queen size bed.  At least this is the plan for now.

I have a bunch of old blocks left which I will make pillow cases out of them.  I probably will make two big square decorated pillows.

Thank you so much for stopping by. Have a wonderful week!



  1. The new blocks look great, scattered here and there amidst the original blocks!!! Makes for a more interesting visual. And that red hour glass is perfect--it will have everyone thinking, "What's behind that block?!"

  2. Hi,
    Beautiful quilt. I really like that one red one, it sets
    the whole quilt off...and I agree with Nancy, it will
    have people asking why 1 red block. Have a great day!

  3. I am most definitely of the 'leave it alone.....NOT' kind of gal. =) LOVE the addition of the little red hour glass; it is inspired! And.... I must say the design on your wall is looking fabulous.

  4. I love this new version, and the little red spot is a beautiful idea! Well done!
    Thank you for sharing and linking up ;)

  5. I love the little pop of red, really makes the quilt unique! xx

  6. I'm not big on ripping apart a perfectly good quilt top, but I like the result of your efforts. LOVE that unexpected pop of red, Margo!!


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