Saturday, January 18, 2020

It's sunny outside

I’m making progress on my one monthly goal.

The quilting progresses slowly because I don’t want to distort the shape of the block designs. The white rectangle in the picture above is only 5 1/2” x 10 1/2” big but it took me two days to quilt that area just right.  Miss Ripley, my seam ripper, and I are good friends.

Taking a break today to make another bottle of homemade vanilla extract.  I love to bake and share my goodies.  I go through vanilla extract really fast and have you checked the price for a small bottle of vanilla extract lately?  It's shocking to me.  I had some left over vanilla beans sitting in my pantry for sometime now, so I thought it was time to use them.  My brother in law who supervises the wine department in a big chain supermarket gave me a big bottle of vodka.  Thanks, dear brother in law!  My husband and I don't drink alcohol, so the vodka will be used to make my vanilla extract.  Perfecto!!

Here is a picture of my products with the quilt on the design wall in the back ground.   Currently, I'm sewing in my dining room right outside my kitchen.   :-)

I made the first bottle 2 weeks ago.  See how good it looks!!  It will be 4-5 more weeks before it's ready.  Can't wait!  The 2nd bottle is made this morning.  These new beans are a lot smaller, hence there are 10 beans in this one instead of 7 in the 1st one.  I used the ratio of 7 beans per 3 cup of vodka.  After reading a lot of recipes on the web, I came up with that ratio for me.

Will keep you all posted how the final outcome is.  

Now, I should get back to sewing, but it's so so beautiful and sunny outside........

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