Monday, August 28, 2023

WIP And LongArm Quilting on 'Scattered'

The work on the baby quilt continues.  I talked to the baby's mother  and she didn't like the juvenile prints or orange colors so off they went.  I think I have the final layout.  I'll leave them on my design wall for a few days.  The background will be a combination of beige fabrics.  



I've tried to capture the movement of marbles.  I hope I succeeded.  I loved playing with marbles when I was young, now I just collect them in a glass jar.  I enjoy looking at their beautiful colors.  Even though I don't have sage colored marbles in my collection, I like these color combinations on the quilt.


I did the longarm quilting on the 'Scattered' quilt.  Days before I actually quilted it, I looked at my collection of books on machine quilting by Angela Walters and others for ideas.  I also looked at some edge to edge quilting pictures online such as Wildflower and others, hoping that I would find something I liked.  When I saw this one and I said to myself, 'that's it'.  It looked easy enough, I thought.


I practiced tracing with fingers and over-confidently thought that I got it.  When the day came, I showed up to find that Patti, a volunteer at the Q4C, had already set a practice piece for me.  Isn't she great?  Without her I would never have done it.  I tried to do the loops and swirls according to the picture I had in mind.  I couldn't guide the machine to do what I wanted.  It was NOT as easy as it looked.  It came out looking awful, didn't look anything like in the picture.  Patti recommended that I do the simple loops and leaves design.  She brought me back down to reality and I really appreciated that.  I realized that I took a bite bigger than I could chew.  I practiced for a while, and off I went on to the actual quilting.  Patti helped me to load the quilt on, and two hours later, I finished it.  The leaves look more like hearts but it doesn't matter, I like that.  Here are some pictures. 


Detail picture

I know I have so much more to learn and the most important thing is to practice more.  I really enjoyed the longarm quilting.  I especially like the part that I don't have to manually baste the quilt which saved me a lot of time and also saved my back!  Even though this is my first longarm experience on a big quilt, I finished it in less than three hours time.  I really like that!!   Now I just have to make more tops so that I can do more longarm quilting.  Problem solved!!

What are you working on this week?  I would love to hear about your longarm quilting experiences, so please share in the comment below.  Thank you!!

Have a great week.


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  1. I really like your scrappy triangles with gray. They are so colorful! I'd comment on longarming, but I don't quilt with one. I use my domestic Jukie Tl2010Q to quilt my quilt tops. That is a lovely pattern that you used for the quilt. And not least, what an interesting baby quilt. I make lots and find that it is the Mamas likes which decide what they want.

  2. No basting is my main reason for using a long arm. That and being able to line up backing, batting and top straight using the machine poles, roll them up and having them still matching at the sides when I get to the bottom of the quilt. Your free-motion swirls are much better than mine. I'm told to keep practicing, but a computer has been the answer for me. sueclive at aol dot com

  3. You did an awesome job on that quilt! Love how the baby quilt is coming along. I love marbles too. They are so pretty to look at! Thanks for sharing on my weekly show and tell, Wednesday Wait Loss.


  4. Your baby quilt is coming along very nicely, I love these pretty colors and shapes.
    Good job with the longarm, your swirls and hearts are perfect! I have never tried to quilt with a longarm, but it sounds terrific!
    Thank you for sharing your progress, and linking up ;)

  5. Hi Margo, your quilt turned out very well. It's always more difficult than it seems. Making more quilt tops to get in more practice sounds like a brilliant answer to me! Thanks for linking up to Free Motion Mavericks.

  6. That quilt is so modern-looking and pretty. I love your color and fabric choices. Now I want to make one for myself.


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