Saturday, December 26, 2020

Best of 2020

 Hi Everyone,

Cheryl Brickey from the Meadow Mist Designs has the best of 2020 link-up for bloggers to share their 5 best blog posts.  The best part is we got to define what the 'best' is.   Let's get right to it.

The quilt that brings me the most joy this year is the Chemo quilt I made for my neighbor's daughter who went through chemotherapy for a very aggressive breast cancer.   When I heard that during the procedure, her fingers and toes were so painful that she had to wear frozen gloves and socks to help numb the pain, I wanted to make a quilt for her.  This is the fastest quilt I've made.  It took me 12 days, from the day I learned of her favorite color, to the finished quilt, and I didn't have any purple fabric. 


Chemo quilt 43" x 51"

The next quilt is Coming Together.  This is a house warming gift for a dear friend who just bought an old house.  The house is over 100 years old and is so beautiful both inside and out.  


Coming Together 32" x 35"


My #3 is a fun quilt that I made without any plan.  I just started to sew some fabric together, cut it up and ended up with this quilt.  I called it Subtraction.   


Subtraction 36"x36"

I submitted it to The International Quilt Festival.  I was happy that it got into the show even though it didn't win anything.  Two weeks ago, one of my quilty friends sent me this picture.


It's one of the ads from the Mancuso Show Management company for their up coming show.  It tickled me to see that they used my quilt for their promotion.

The next one is my sister's quilt.  I saw a picture from Pinterest and used it as an inspiration for this quilt.


My sister's quilt 55" x 67.5"

The last but not least, 'Journey'. 


Journey 70" x 70"

This is the biggest quilt I have made to date.  Quilting this quilt on my Juki was an experience I will never forget.  So many times I wanted to quit but I kept telling self I couldn't.  I persisted and here it is, and it's one of the two quilts that are going to QuiltCon Together in February.

This year is an unique year that none of us will ever forget.  In a strange way, it's good for me.  It makes me to stay put and work on my quilty things instead of going around and do something else.  I love to see a quilt conceived from an idea to a finished piece.  It gives me a sense of accomplishment.  


I hope next year will be better than this year.  I hope that we will be more kind, have more patience and love one another.

Happy New Year everyone........



  1. All your quilts are lovely, and they have great and beautiful stories. Congratulations for the poster, and QuiltCon Together!

  2. Thank you for sharing your lovely quilts and their background stories.

  3. Wonderful quilts! What a surprise to see your quilt on the poster! Best of luck for your quilt entered in QuiltCon! It is lovely!

  4. Such wonderful makes in 2020, I love them all. Congrats on your quilt being highlighted in the quilt show graphic. Thanks for linking up to the Best of!

  5. Gorgeous quilts. Congrats on the International Quilt Festival showing. Hoping next year we all can actually attend it again. Wishing you the best at the QuiltCon show.

  6. Your quilts are striking. I especially admire your Journey quilt, and kudos for persevering in the quilting of it!!

  7. Such a fun mix of quilt finishes which have added beauty and comfort to the world! Subtraction features the new 2021 Pantone Colors of the year--you trend setter!!

  8. Those are some nice quilts! I really like Coming Home & Substraction. Great colors and so modern! Also congrats for getting into QuiltCon 2021 xo Melanie


  9. Beautiful work! I really love the red and black one! And yay for one getting into QCT! I love that they used it for their promotion.
    Margo, I see you've commented on my blog, but there's no email attached to your blogger profile. Do you mind adding one so I can respond too?
    Wishing you the best in the new year!

  10. I love all of these quilts, Margo! Congrats on having a quilt at QuiltCon and having your quilt as the cover quilt for the Mancuso Online show. That must be a thrill for you to see that pop up on their literature. (Thanks, too for your comment on my blog. For some reason you are coming up as a "no reply." I don't remember that happening before. I wish you health and happiness in the new year.)

  11. What fantastic finishes for 2020. Looking forward to see what 2021 has in store for you.

  12. SEW exciting that your quilt was used in promotional material for another Mancuso show!!

  13. Awe inspiring! Love Coming Together, it's beautifully modern & I fell quite retro too. Take care.


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