Thursday, September 27, 2018

A new Kaleidoscope quilt

We just had a really fun meeting here at the Valley MQG.  It's our 3rd birthday party and celebration.  The membership chairperson went around town and gathered donations from local quilt shops.  They are very generous to our guild and they gave many fabric bundles, patterns, charm packs etc. There was something for everyone to take home.  This confirmed to me once more that it's our duty to support our local businesses. 

We had our Round Robin reveal too.  We were blown away by the creativity level of each person who participated.  You have to go to the Valley MQG website to see September pictures because I can't post all the pictures here.  I can only post mine and here it is.

Isn't it a riot?  I'm not a hand applique person but I love all the applique work my fellow guild members put in my piece.

We also had our pin cushion swap and what I got is the most adorable.  I'm sorry I forgot to take picture of my pin cushion but the lady who got it said she loved it!

In the last month meeting, we had an alphabet soup challenge issued to us.  We were to pick a letter and make something in the size of 20"x20".  I randomly picked letter K as my challenge.  The kite quilt came to mind but I did a kite quilt to represent the wind elements challenge last month which you can see it here.   After giving it some thought, I came up with a kaleidoscope idea.  This is my take on the kaleidoscope quilt.

I really like it and it's so easy.  I'm sorry you can't really see the quilting too well in this picture.  I only did echo line quilting in the white area to let the flower piece puff up and I like the way the whole piece looks.

Now the works in progress are the baby charity quilt that I showed a picture of in the last post here, the 2019 QuiltCon charity quilt challenge, and if things are going well, I might have a quilt or two to submit to the 2019 QuiltCon.   

Count your blessings and enjoy each day!!

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  1. Sounds like you have a super fun quilting group! It's great that everyone is participating!

  2. That’s the kind of quilt group I’d like to have available to me! Your round robin quilt came out beautifully. And when it’s all quilted up, it will become your favorite, like mine! Pretty clever Kaleidoscope quilt for the letter K! Pictures.....they are the Bain if my existence, and probably the number one reason I don’t post more often! Have a lovely day!


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