Thursday, February 1, 2018

River boat rides

I found some pictures of our river boat ride along the Chao Phraya river.  This river goes right through Bangkok.  In the old day and somewhat now, it's the main route for transporting goods from northern and north-eastern parts of the country down to the central part.  I still remember the image of timber logs being shipped by floating in the river to my father's mill to be transformed into planks and boards for building material.  I don't think they do that any more but I found this article about Timber rafting in the Wikipedia which is fascinating to me. 

Wat Arun or The Temple of Dawn

That day was a little hazy but Wat Arun is especially beautiful.  No wonder it's one of the most visited places in Bangkok.   

In the evening we went to have dinner with my brother and his family at the place called Asiatique.

The food was spicy but delicious!  That's all folks!!

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