Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Finished projects

I finally finished my son's quilt.  I first posted about it in January and you can read about it here and here.  As promised, I'm sharing my experience with the bamboo batting here.  Please share in the comment if you have used bamboo batting before.  I’m eager to hear about your experiences. 

While I was at the Road to California show in January, I bought 100% bamboo batting to try because it's said on the package that this batting has breath-ability and anti-bacterial properties.  I also like bamboo because it's a sustainable and renewable resource.  And this product was made in the USA.

The batting is very soft but when I opened it up to prepare the quilt top for quilting, I noticed some hard particles in  the batting.  They turned out to be bamboo wood chips.  They are hard enough that they could be felt through the quilt top.  Didn't want to risk breaking the needle, I picked them all out. Here is what they look like.

While I was quilting the quilt, lint from the batting that extended beyond the quilt top got all over the quilt as in the picture below. 

When I hand sewed the binding on to the back of the quilt, there was lint on the thread every time I pulled the needle up.

It was quite irritating to have to pull the lint off from the thread after every stitch.

Finally I threw the quilt into the washing machine.  When it came out, there was more lint on the quilt.  Lint came out through the seams.  I have to pull it off and use the lint roller to remove all the lint.  Do you see the lint that came out through the needle holes by the binding?

After much agonizing and all the lint was removed, the quilt is done and ready to be pickup by the new owner.

Another project that got done is the sofa.  You can read about the sofa here.  I'm happy to report that it's done now.  Here are the before and after pictures.


Go make something and have fun!

Link to busyhandsquilts, crazymomquilts and confessionofafabricaddict.


  1. Hi Margo,
    WOWOWOWOWOW on the couch! What a fabulous job. I love the quilt, too but how darn annoying about the batting. I have not tried bamboo batting, but I sure love the idea of it. Renewable and USA made is great except for the annoying lint. I will have to revisit your post and read about others' experiences. ~smile~ Roseanne

  2. I have used a lot of bamboo. I generally like it. I love the drape most of all. It is thin after washed, so depending on what you want that is a positive or negative. I have never had any chips in it, maybe because of a different brand. Jamie Wallen says he would discourage using it because he doesn't think it holds up as well over time. I combined bamboo with another layer of cotton/poly 80/20 this last time and I loved it. (My two cents worth)

    1. Kimberly, thank you so much for your input. I've never used cotton/poly blend. I've heard good things about it.

  3. Thanks for sharing your experience with the bamboo batting. I just had a student that was going to use that exact same batting for a baby quilt, and I told her about your experience. She's going to try something else. I wonder if it is just that brand?

  4. I haven’t tried bamboo batting, and maybe now, I won’t! Thanks for your 'review,! The quilt, however, is nothing short of stunning! And that couch! Wow!

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