Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Fun Challenge from Valley MQG

At Valley MQG, we love to have fun.  Our last monthly meeting was especially eventful and filled with surprises.  We had a lot of laughs and my cheeks hurt from smiling and laughing so much.  It was our 2nd birthday celebration.  Our membership chair had solicited and found lots of donations of gifts from many quilt shops in Southern California.  Almost everyone had something to take home.  This was mine to take home that night.  I always wanted a thread catcher and a basket.  What a great gift! 

Our monthly challenge was 'Fortune Cookie challenge'.  Our President, Scott Griffin, bought fortune cookies for everyone and we were supposed to read our fortune and interpret it into a quilt or a project.  My fortune said, 'A secret wish will be revealed to you in the near future.'  I waited the whole month for it but with disappointment, no one revealed any secret wish to me.  So I decided to reveal my own secret wish.  My wish is that I can travel the world and collect fabric and stamps.  I got this wonderful fabric with pictures of places such as Paris, Shanghai, Bombay and Madrid on it and a coordinating fabric with stamps and postcards on it.  I decided to make a collage quilt.  Here it is.....

I used some charm squares as background and arranged picture fabric on them.  I decided not to use any adhesive on the fabric.  I then put very light gray tulle on top of everything before quilting it.  I had a lot of fun doing free motion quilting on this piece.  Another secret, this is my first time doing pebble quilting.  Boy! my arms were tired.

I absolutely love home grown vegetables, especially tomatoes.  This year our beef stake yielded a lot of fruits and, in my humble opinion, they are the best kind for tomato sandwiches which I enjoy so much.  I'm saving seeds for next year.  Here is a tomato that I just picked today.  It's more than 4 inches in diameter!!  Doesn't it look perfect?

Have a great day!!
Go have some fun and make quilts!! 

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  1. Your collage quilt is so interesting! What a great use of novelty fabrics. As a Postcrosser and a quilter, I find your mini absolutely perfect!!

  2. What a cool postcard quilt and tomato!


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