Wednesday, May 25, 2016

The winner got her prize

I just want to give a quick update to everyone. 

Congratulations to D. Reeves from 'Quilting Tangent'.  She's the winner of the giveaway prizes.  I'm happy to report that she is quite happy with them.  Here is the copy of an email she sent me:

Hi Margo,
Letting you know your very generous, wonderful giveaway arrived today.
D. Reeves

I was down about two weeks.  Nothing serious, just didn't have energy to do anything.  The doctor said it's normal for brain surgery patients.  I just have to rest a lot and take it easy, so I did just that.   In those two weeks, while resting, I daydreamed and scribbled a lot about projects that I wanted to do.  On the mend now, I think, and in serious need of creating something.  I'm excited to start sewing and making quilts again.  

Have a great week and Sew on.....

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