Monday, October 16, 2023

The Baby Quilt is Finished and a New Project

The binding on the baby quilt is done, it's washed and ready to be sent to the new owner.  Here are the finished pictures before washing and after.  


After washing
Before washing


Quilt Stats:

Size:        41" x 53"       Before quilting 

                39" x 50.5"    After washing  

Top:        100% cotton

Bating:    Kyoto Bamboo Blend by Moda

Backing: 100% cotton Flannel


Working with bamboo batting in this project has been a delight.  I love the smoothness and how everything lay flat nicely.  There is no batting poking through the needle holes at all.  The quilt drapes nicely and has a little weight to it.  I think this is great for a baby or small children.  I will ask for feedback from the baby's family to see how they like the quilt.

The only thing that I don't like, in the slightest degree, is wrinkles after washing.  The quilt looks a little puffy as if I used a thicker batting.  

Now it's time to pull some fabric for a new project.  Remember the denim quilt I was making some months ago before I had to put everything aside to work on the baby quilt?  You can read about it here.  I have been working on quilting it along side the baby quilt.  When I was stuck, couldn't decide what to do next with the baby quilt, I went back to work on quilting the denim quilt.  Here is the sneak peek.



While I'm working on quilting this quilt, I thought I would pull out some more fabric for the second denim quilt.  Here they are....


What can I say; the fun continues......

Thanks for visiting and have a great week.


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  1. I kind of love the this! Looking forward to seeing your denim quilt, and I really like the pull for the next one.

  2. No getting around those crinkles. And you know it'll be washed often. But I know what you mean. It's a beauty of a quilt. And yes, looking forward to seeing what you do with the denim quilts!

  3. I love how the quilt looks, crinkles and all! That bamboo batting sounds lovely. I might have to give that a try. Thanks for sharing on my weekly show and tell, Wednesday Wait Loss.

  4. Lovely baby quilt, and these little wrinkles after washing do not spoil the quilt's beauty. I'm interested in feedback on the bamboo batting, if you have some.
    Great sneak peek for the denim quilt ;) I can't wait for you to show more.
    Thank you so much for sharing, and linking up.

  5. What a gorgeous unique baby quilt! Is it your own design? Beautiful colour choices too.

  6. I've never tried bamboo as a batting. My preference, honed after multiple experiments, remains 80/20 poly-cotton. It comes in various lofts. One thing that can be done if you don't blatant wrinkles from shrinkage, is to pre-shrink the batting, by washing and drying it the way you expect the quilt to laundered. I do love the design. So "modern".

  7. Hi Margo, I really love your baby quilt. I've never seen such modern quilts for babies before (except by you!) and it looks great. Can I ask if you pre-washed your flannel back? That could account for the extra fluffiness. I was wondering, when you are making your denim quilts, to you use other heavier weight fabric or just regular quilting cotton? I'm always wondering about using different weight of fabrics in a quilt. Thanks for linking up to Free Motion Mavericks. :-)


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