Monday, May 2, 2022

WIP for the week of 5-2-22

In the past few weeks, I put sewing aside and worked in the garden instead.  We live in a desert-like area so the growing season for cool season vegetable is short.  I bought a lot of seed packets for lettuce, sweet peas, bokchoy, and spinach.  I started the seeds during late winter and early spring and they were doing great.  I patted myself on the back and watched over them like a hawk.  Three weeks ago, we had a random heat wave.  I had to say goodbye to bokchoy because they bolted and set flowers while they were only 3-4 inches high.  Off they went to the compost pile.  The sweet peas are hanging in there, now they have a few flowers.  I'm hopeful, I may have a few pods.  The spinach never came up so I moved on to other vegetables.

Every year I struggle with trying to grow my vegetables.  I love the idea of growing my own fruits and vegetables.  We don't have a big yard so we don't have many fruit trees.  We have a fig tree (volunteer) and a Pakistani mulberry tree in pots.   I propagated the Pakistani mulberry from stem cuttings last year.  I gave away two to my neighbors.  I have two left and one is doing well, so far so good.  I even have 2 mulberries on it.  :-))

The fun time in the garden had to end for now, and sewing has just begun.  I started baby quilts for the 2022 Hands2Help again this year.  I'm working on two baby quilts for an organization called the Little Lambs Foundation for Kids.




I'm using a pattern called Noodles from Leanne Parsons at that I bought last year.  You can find the pattern here (non-affiliate link).  I think it's really cute and would like to use her idea for these two baby quilts.

This is my goal for the month of May.   I'm linking to the OMG at


Thanks for stopping by, have a great week.





  1. We love to have our own vege's too, last year was not a good year for anything except my tomatoes. So I hope for a better one this year. We have a wild mulberry tree, wild black raspberries and wild plums. Yum! You remind me to go set my May goal before it is to late!

  2. Good luck with the garden! The two baby quilts are adorable, lovely fabrics.
    Thank you for sharing!


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