Monday, May 9, 2022

Charity Quilt for the VMQG

 Last month our Valley MQG had our in-person meeting for the very first time since the pandemic started.  We had a great time seeing each other's faces again after being apart for over 2 years, isolated and through zoom meetings.  Seeing friends and family members without any face covering is really refreshing.  I was happy to be amongst quilty friends once again. 


Anyway, I volunteered to make a quilt top for the Philanthropy group.  This is what I got from the lady in-charge.


The instructions said no pattern, improvisational, make as large as possible.  Alright, this is just the kind of project I like.  I saw that there is a block made already.  The fabric is really cute.

I also volunteered to make this cross body bag for the organization called 'Sewpowerful.org'.  They help girls get feminine hygiene supplies to stay in school all month saving them six weeks of school on average.  They also support seamstresses in Lusaka Zambia with training and good paying jobs.


Thanks for stopping by and have a great week!



  1. Margo -- I know exactly how you feel although I don't think I went 2 full years without in person meetings with guilds. My local guild was meeting way earlier than I felt comfortable. A guild I belong to that is too far to go to was really great with Zoom meetings. I benefitted since I could attend by Zoom and they worked hard to have interesting meetings and several zoom teachers and trunk shows. Have fun with your purples and yellows. I've seen the info about the bags for the gals to be able to continue to go to school. Makes you really appreciate what we have here. Happy sewing.

  2. A great news for your quilters meeting, and you came back home with a lot of beautiful projects! The idea behind the bag is wonderful.
    Thank you so much for sharing, and linking up!


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