Thursday, May 28, 2020

Two New Baby Gifts

 Hi Everyone,

Happy Thursday!!

As you know I signed on to the Hands2Help challenge and in my last post, I talked about a baby quilt, you can read about it here.   I checked all of the organizations in the program and decided on the Little Lambs Foundation For Kids.   In short, they provide comfort kits in a backpack for children entering foster care from their home due to neglect and other dangerous situations.  You can read more about them here.  

The quilt they receive should fit in a backpack, along with other stuff, that will be given to the children. I felt that the first quilt, 42" x 44", with batting inside will be too bulky for the backpack. So, two days ago, I decided that the first baby quilt will be donated to a different organization and that I would make another quilt for the Little Lambs Foundation and it has to be done fast!

For that reason, I used the technique in my book called 'Faux Rag Quilting'. You can read about the book here. Faux Rag Quilting is a new way of making Rag quilts, fast, without batting and without cutting up the fabric into squares. Here is the new baby quilt.  

Hands2Help quilt - front
Hands2Help quilt - front+back

I finished this one in less than 2 days. This baby quilt is not too bulky at all. At the same time it will provide warmth and comfort to a child.

One of my friends is having a baby girl.  I continue to use the charm pack combined with scraps that I have.  Here is the new top.


Hopefully I will be able to start the quilting on this one in a day or two.

Keep calm and quilt on........ 


  1. Very cute circle quilt - lots to look at and feel

  2. These are great quilts and will make the recipients happy! Thanks for linking up to TGIFF!

  3. Pretty quilts, I love those circles!

  4. I love your adorable circle quilt. I can imagine a baby loving the fabulous texture!

  5. I am so intrigued by your circle quilt. I've made the "typical" rag quilt before, but this version looks so cool. thanks for sharing the info. I will have to check that out!

  6. Beautiful quilts, Margo! Particularly love the faux rag quilt. Thanks for being part of Hands2Help 2020!


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