Thursday, December 10, 2015

I'm not ready for Christmas

Ready or not, here it comes.  It's almost Christmas and it's time to put up the tree, the lights and bring out the decorations.  I don't know about you, but I never feel that I'm ready for Christmas.  No matter how well I plan.  There are too many things to do, always.

First thing I like to do is placing a few pillows around the room.  But this year I realized I only have one Christmas pillow left and I may not have time to make new ones.  So, for now, one pillow it is.  I designed this pillow for my local quilt shop two years ago.  We had pillow of the month series and this was pillow number 5.

After putting up the tree and more decorations brought in, the room will look better.  This will be the first year that both of our children are out of school, working and on they own.  They will come to help me put up the tree and decorate it while I cook dinner.  I think that's a neat way to get them to come home, don't you think?

What do you do with your family to get ready for Christmas?



  1. Hope you had a wonderful Christmas spent with your family at home. Your pillow is very sweet. I love the ribbon for hanging the ornaments and how the light shines off of them. Wishing you and yours also a very Happy New Year!

    1. Thanks Lorna for stopping by and leave a comment. You're so nice. Hope you have a great New Year too.


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