Friday, November 6, 2015

My new bags, part one

I took a break from quilting to make some market tote bags.  I love making bags of all kinds; handbags, tote bags and clutches.  Once in a while I would get a special order to make a custom bag for someone which was really fun for me.  It's a nice break.  

I have been making black and white EPP hexagon pieces since Summer.  Since then I've tried to use them in many projects such as decorating t-shirts for my nieces, and I even made a key chain with them.  I'll share that another time.  Now I found another perfect application for them.  Here it is...

The Hexie market tote

I made my own pattern. The dimensions of the Hexie market tote are 18"x 16" x 3".  This bag is very deep to accommodate all the vegetables and goodies that I'll be getting from farmer markets.  I decided to put a small pocket for keys and wallet at the top for easy access.  The small pocket is made of faux leather which has a nice look and feel of leather.  I also hand stitched the leather handles for extra security.  To the front, I added hand stitched details and cute little wooden buttons to the hexies.  These are the closed up pictures.

The second market tote I made is a little smaller.  The overall dimensions are 18" x 14" x 5".  I made different handles for this one to make it washable. 

The front of the second market tote

I've seen quilts made with triangles in the design and always adored them.  So, naturally, I chose triangles to decorate my bag.  I didn't make small inside pocket for this one because I wanted to do something different.  I added an outside pocket and appliqued some 1" fabric squares on it.  I have postage print fabric that has cute stamp prints on it, so I fussy cut the stamps out.  It turned out so cute!!  The back looks as good as the front, if I may say so myself.  I got 2 bags in one, well, almost.  Then I divided the pocket into 2 sections with a silver button in the middle.  These pockets are so roomy that I can put a tablet in them.  Now I have a place to put my giant phone so I don't have to carry it in my hand.  These new smart phones, they are so great for a lot of things and they could almost replace my laptop but they're so annoying to take along when I don't want to carry a purse with me.

The other front of the second market tote

I have so much fun making these two bags, so I started two more.  I'll post them after I finish.

I found that taking a break to do different projects helps me with my design process.  I was stuck in designing a new quilt so I stopped and made these bags.  Are you the same way?  What do you do when you're trying to find a solution for your problems?  I think making some new bags is my perfect therapy.  :)

Have a perfect week!


  1. I really like both these bags! I love the way you did the handles on the second one, they look so cool! What fabric did you use on the outside? I like making bags too, but haven't made any lately. You did a wonderful job and I'm looking forward to seeing the others you are making!

    1. Thanks, Beth, I'm glad you liked them. I used the painter drop cloth for the body of the bag, love the texture of this material.

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