Saturday, May 9, 2015

One of Thai's national dish - Pad Thai - in Bangkok

Since I came here, I have been enjoying Thai food.  I will always consider Chinese food is my native food, but I also love Thai food.  When I was young, we would eat Chinese food at home all the time.  My parents were from Hai Nan Island, south of China, so my mother's Hai Nan style Chinese food is the best, of course.  The only time we get to eat Thai food was when we were outside the house.  When my older siblings became older and took over the cooking from mother, they started to make more Thai food for dinner.  Now we eat Thai food almost all the time.

This trip we were in search of great Pad Thai.  My sister took me to several places and I still wasn't impressed until today.  I found, in my humble opinion, the best Pad Thai.  It's very flavorful and has an interesting addition to it; crispy protein chips on top.  I like Pad Thai with fresh shrimp, but you can have it with pork, chicken or other sea food.

Doesn't it look yummy?

It's the name of the place.  Sorry, my American friends, it's in Thai.

The man who made the tastiest Pad Thai
My dear friends, if you have Thai restaurant near you, go try a Pad Thai.  It may become your new favorite dish.  Cheers!

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