Monday, June 27, 2022

June WIP

We've had many days of over 100 degrees here in Southern California.  There's nothing much to do outside during the day except taking care of my vegetable garden in the early morning.  I usually start at around 6 am. and stay there till it becomes too hot to do any work.  Despite the heat and unwelcome visits from raccoons, the vegetable are growing nicely, I'm happy to say. 


As I started to work on the wedding gift quilt.  I juggled many ideas in my head.  Curve blocks are among them since I love curve piecing so much.  I also love the look of Crosscut block by Debbie from  A Quilter's Table.  You can find a tutorial for this technique here.  I decided to go ahead with it and made this top as a fabric for the quilt.  Each block is 12" square. 

I really like the top and didn't want to cut into it, but then I cut some blocks out with a 6 1/2 inch square ruler and start putting them on the design wall.


I struggled a bit with it but there's a lot more to cut and put up.  I think I'm making progress slowly, but it's a progress. I will continue and press forward. Who knows what the final quilt will look like? 


I'm linking up to the Elm Street Quilts for June finish linkup:

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  1. you're off to a great start on the wedding quilt! I'd be afraid to slice and dice it!

  2. Interesting to see the progression from photo 1 to photo 2! Really neat!!!

  3. What an interesting way to make a quilt. I rather like it!

  4. I've made a quilt using this technique..........keep going! It comes out looking great and totally unique. You have started with beautiful fabrics so it will only be able to end beautifully also!


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