Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Gifts received, everyone is happy

In the past two-three weeks, I had been making baby Faux Rag quilt for a friend who is expecting in September.  I gifted it last week and the new parents to be are very thrilled.  Now I can show the quilt. 

I found a picture on Pinterest from the blog called The Bored Zombie by Susan Owenby and fell in love with the birds on her quilt.  I decided to add some birds into my design too.  They look pretty good in there, don't you think?  I did the raw edge applique on the birds using monofilament thread and zigzag stitches.  This is a new experiment for me and I'm quite surprise that I didn't have any problem at all.  The stitches came out so nice and don't interfere with the over all look of the birds.

Another happy report, my niece got her quilt and sent me this picture.

I'm so happy that she loves the quilt.  She is doing remarkably well and her mom said, '....if she didn't have a shaved head you would never know she had a brain tumor....'.  I'm very happy to hear that.  According to her doctor, her record of the biggest tumor of the year still holds at the Primary Children Hospital in Salt Lake City, Utah.  It's not a record anyone wants to hold, but I'm sure it's a bragging point in the family gatherings because they are a bunch of pranksters.  I love them so.

The happiest person here is ME.  I love it when the things I made have a positive impact on people that I made them for.  I love to see their smiling faces when they receive the gift.  It's really true that you're happiest when you give.

Have a happy quilty day!!!

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