Tuesday, October 20, 2015

The 2016 Quilter's Planner is here

Today I would like to shout out for my friend Stephanie Palmer from the Late Night Quilter. Stephanie is an excellent professional long arm quilter, a great mom, a talented quilt designer and a prolific blogger.  Not only that she gets it all done, she's done it all very well.

Last August I had an opportunity to participate in a really fun blog hop called 'Fabri-Quilt New Block Blog Hop 2015'.  In that hop, I participated with over 60 other bloggers to create an original block design and post a tutorial on our blogs.  You can read about my block design here.  Then we could enter our block to be part of the 2016 Quilter's Planner, if we wanted to.  I entered my block, and it was chosen to be featured in one of the weekly calendars.  It is such an honor to be a part of this project along with other talented bloggers and designers whom I've come to know.  There will also be fantastic quilt patterns from top designers like Pat Sloan, Amy Garro, Yvonne Fuchs, Cheryl Brickey and Stephanie Palmer, just to name a few.

As I get more involved in many different activities like church, volunteering, quilter's guilds, blogging, publishing a book and the list goes on and on, I find it harder to keep track of everything through my phone or tablet.  I always have this fear that if I lose my phone or tablet, all my information will be all gone.  Having a backup is a good thing as I often tell myself.  I found it helps to jot down all the things I need to do.  This planner is really a cool thing not only for quilters, but for all of us. It has just about everything you'd need to inspire and help you to plan your days, weeks and months.  I also love the fact that it has a place for me to doodle some new ideas for my quilt designs.  Who knows? They might end up in my next book.  I can't list all the great things it contains, but if you go to the link here, you can read all about it and will have a chance to receive a free PDF of the Project Planning Page as well.  Click on the image below and order your copy today. I'll be getting one for myself.

2016 Quilter's Planner

Have a great week!

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