Monday, April 13, 2015

Happy Thai New Year!!

Happy Thai New Year to everyone!

Today is Thai new year which is also called Songkran festival. It's the day of celebration and pay respect to elderly. Most Thais go back home to visit their elders. They would pour some fragrant water on an elder's hands and wish them happy, and healthy new year.  In return the elder will give them blessings.  Another way to celebrate is to throw water at each other. It makes perfect sense because April is usually the hottest month of the year! I remember how much fun I had throwing water at total strangers, and no one got mad.....  What a fond childhood memory!!

Here are some pictures.

Back to my hand sew project, I think I've caught a handsewn bug!  I was looking for some sashiko thread to add to my collections and needles, so my #5 sister took me to a store that caters to crafters and home sewer.   Look what I got from there for under $20. 


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